Enterprise Information Security Office

2016 Cyber Security Awards

The Enterprise Information Security Office (EISO) presented individual and team awards following the June 8 morning keynote at the .  This award recognizes NYS employees who have made a significant contribution to their organization and have demonstrated a continued commitment to support and enhance cyber security activities in New York State.  The following individuals and teams were honored.

  • Technical Lieutenant Mark Brown, Digital Forensics, New York State Police. Lieutenant Brown was recognized for his dedication in advancing law enforcement's digital forensics capabilities, and for working tirelessly to promote Internet safety to community groups, schools, federal, state and local government agencies.


  • Mike Agiovlasitis, Public Safety Cluster Information Security Officer, NYS Information Technology Services.Mr. Agiovlasitis was recognized for his dedication in championing cyber security, and promoting the cluster's adoption of the statewide Secure Development Life Cycle standard to reduce risk and safeguard cluster agencies' information.


  • NYS Information Technology Services, Enterprise Information Security Office Awareness and Training Team - Elizabeth Farrell, Jessica Smith, John Borst, and Brian DuBois.This team was recognized for their dedication in championing cyber security awareness, facilitating outreach programs, coordinating and organizing conferences, and providing security training (both general awareness and specialized IT security certification courses) to New York State employees.


  • NYS Information Technology Services, Enterprise Information Security Office Enterprise Risk Assessment Team - Mary Sharif, Kimberly LaCroix, Fausto Franco, Grant Rauch.This team facilitated a comprehensive information security risk assessment effort for the NYS Information Technology Services enterprise, to identify areas of potential risk to information assets, including mitigation strategies and tracking remediation efforts. The team was recognized for their dedication and commitment to ensuring the project's success.



Please join us in recognizing and congratulating these well-deserving professionals for their hard-work and outstanding contributions!


Previous Years' Award Winners


  • Leanna Bamberger (ITS Finance, Regulation, and Gaming Cluster)
  • Scott Wilcox (ITS Public Safety Cluster)
  • Justin Donohue and Robert DuBois (ITS Human Services Cluster)
  • Scott Rogler and Cecil (Alan) Elmore (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)


  • Christopher Stanley (ITS Health Cluster)
  • Michael McManus (ITS Chief Technology Office)


  • Karen Sorady (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)
  • Janet Carmack (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)


  • Ted Phelps (State University of New York)


  • Roger Michael (NYS Worker's Compensation Board)


  • Michael Springer (NYS Dormitory Authority)


  • Deborah Snyder (NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance)
  • Marilyn MacBride (NYS Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Ramon Radriguez (NYS Office of State Comptroller)