Enterprise Information Security Office

2017 Cyber Security Awards

The Enterprise Information Security Office (EISO) recognized eight New York State employees for their significant contributions to support and enhance cyber security in New York.  The following individuals were honored at the on June 7. 

  • David Bell, EISO, ITS. Mr. Bell was recognized for his exemplary commitment and leadership within the Governance Risk Compliance team.

  • Nathaalie Carey, New York State Department of Labor. Ms. Carey was recognized for her efforts to steer an agency-wide initiative to identify, qualify, and mitigate cyber risks within DOL as part of the overarching strategic planning process.

  • Jaime Daley, New York State Police. Ms. Daley was recognized for her tireless efforts to elevate and advance the value of cyber threat analysis and shared intelligence to the benefit of New York State and government agencies.

  • Chris DeSain, Public Safety Cluster, ITS. Mr. DeSain was recognized for his dedication and commitment to advancing the security posture of the Public Safety Cluster agencies.

  • Mark Donchek, New York State Police. Mr. Donchek was recognized for his role and leadership in not only launching the Cyber Analysis Unit, but in helping provide the vision for its growth.

  • Neelima Kanakamedala, EISO, ITS. Ms. Kanakamedala was recognized for her work as part of the Governance Risk Compliance team, most specifically her efforts to support the design, development and deployment of the Risk and Remediation Tracking System.

  • Josh Katzman, Citizen Services Cluster, ITS. Mr. Katzman was recognized for his leadership in ensuring security is built into ITS-managed systems by design, as well as for his contributions to the development and adoption of appropriate policies and standards.

  • Kahn Krug, EISO, ITS. Mr. Krug was recognized for his leadership within the Vulnerability Management Team in regards to Web Application Security.

  • Technical Lieutenant Mark Brown, Digital Forensics, New York State Police. Lieutenant Brown was recognized for his dedication in advancing law enforcement's digital forensics capabilities, and for working tirelessly to promote Internet safety to community groups, schools, federal, state and local government agencies.


Please join us in recognizing and congratulating these well-deserving professionals for their hard-work and outstanding contributions!


Previous Years' Award Winners


Individual Awards:

  • Technical Lieutenant Mark Brown (New York State Police)
  • Mike Agiovlasitis (ITS Public Safety Cluster)

Team Awards:

  • Elizabeth Farrell, Jessica Smith, John Borst, and Brian DuBois (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office Awareness and Training Team)
  • Mary Sharif, Kimberly LaCroix, Fausto Franco, Grant Rauch (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office Enterprise Risk Assessment Team)


  • Leanna Bamberger (ITS Finance, Regulation, and Gaming Cluster)
  • Scott Wilcox (ITS Public Safety Cluster)
  • Justin Donohue and Robert DuBois (ITS Human Services Cluster)
  • Scott Rogler and Cecil (Alan) Elmore (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)


  • Christopher Stanley (ITS Health Cluster)
  • Michael McManus (ITS Chief Technology Office)


  • Karen Sorady (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)
  • Janet Carmack (ITS Enterprise Information Security Office)


  • Ted Phelps (State University of New York)


  • Roger Michael (NYS Worker's Compensation Board)


  • Michael Springer (NYS Dormitory Authority)


  • Deborah Snyder (NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance)
  • Marilyn MacBride (NYS Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Ramon Radriguez (NYS Office of State Comptroller)