2021-2022 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest

2021-2022 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest


Press Release: New York State Office of Information Technology Services Announces Winners of New York State "Kids Safe Online" Poster Contest

The NYS Office of Information Technology Services, Chief Information Security Office (ITS CISO) conducted a kindergarten through 12th grade computer safety contest in conjunction with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) during 2021. Twelve New York State winners were selected and their posters were submitted to the national contest. View the winners below to see their outstanding artwork and cyber messaging.

Look for information on how to participate in the 2022-2023 NYS "Kids Safe Online" Poster Contest in the Summer of 2022!


NYS Winners

Addison, Grade 8 Poster Winner

Addison, Grade 8

Aiza, Grade 8 Poster Winner

Aiza, Grade 8

Brennan, Grade 2 Poster Winner

Brennan, Grade 2

Eliana, Grade 12 Poster Winner

Eliana, Grade 12

Frank, Grade 4 Poster Winner

Frank, Grade 4

Leighton, Grade 2 Poster Winner

Leighton, Grade 2

Mabel, Grade 12 Poster Winner

Mabel, Grade 12

Megan, Grade 5 Poster Winner

Megan, Grade 5

Steven, Kindergarten Poster Winner

Steven, Kindergarten

Swara, Grade 7 Poster Winner

Swara, Grade 7

Valentina, Grade 5 Poster Winner

Valentina, Grade 5

Lila, Grade 9 Poster Winner

Lila, Grade 9