ITS to Centralize Mobile Device Billing and Management

Friday December 19, 2014

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services has launched the Mobile Device Management, Device Centralization, and Bill Consolidation Project, which will revolutionize how smartphones, tablets, and similar devices are procured and managed for ITS customer agencies. With this project underway, we will be able to better manage the cost of these devices while increasing functionality, accessibility to services, and security.

The initiative will:

  • Consolidate all mobile phone bills into a single ITS bill. This effort will lower administrative overhead, allow pooling of voice and data minutes, and provide visibility to the state agencies for reporting purposes.
  • Give NYS leverage over the cellular carriers to offer better discounts on plans and accessories, and allow for bulk purchasing to further reduce the mobility budget
  • Manage smartphones, tablets, and similar devices in terms of security, policy compliance, and accountability in a standardized format
  • Further develop different levels of security based on agency-specific needs
  • Allow for multiple levels of delegate administration
  • Provide ability of real-time discovery and inventory of devices and software
  • Add location services for the devices as needed
  • Integrate with Active Directory to authorize user to connect to Mobile Iron
  • Provide iOS development of an ECL (Emergency Contact List) for the Office of General Services
  • Allow for the development of a "NYS" mobile app store that is secure and specific to NYS government

In addition, the ITS Mobile Device Support Unit will centrally manage the various mobile devices used by our customers, including cell phones, tablets, and the data plans associated with each device.

The Mobile Device Management, Device Centralization, and Bill Consolidation Project is one more example of how ITS is improving service to our customers while driving down costs through the innovative management and use of technology.