ITS WebNY Attends Drupal Camp in NYC

Wednesday September 09, 2015

The following story was contributed by Courtney Jordan, Front-end Designer/Developer with ITS. Thanks, Courtney!

NYC Drupal Camp 2015: Packaged with Learning, Sharing, and Community

It was an early Thursday morning as I arrived at the Albany-Rensselaer Amtrack train station to meet with a small group of Drupal comrades. I was excited with anticipation as we made our way to the train. Today was the day we would participate in the NYC Drupal Camp!  As we battled our way through multiple subway trains, crowds of people, and traffic, we finally made it to the United Nations in NYC where the event was hosted. Through WebNY (a division of ITS), web developers within New York State were able to attend this event to build on their Drupal skills and expand their knowledge by attending various training sessions and sprints within the Drupal community.

The day was jam-packed with morning and afternoon training sessions. I had signed up for the "Drupal 101: All the Basics, None of the Calories," presented by Alexander Ross, a Director of Software Engineering at NBC Universal.  The session lasted most of the day, encompassing Drupal's Ecosystem, the terminology, and a very helpful introduction which provided a basic understanding of working with Drupal. Many developers who attended also had a great experience, such as Tom Atkins, who reported, "I was fortunate enough to have several hours learning different types of Drupal installations, such as the 'Headless' Drupal installation, but I also learned how to use different Drupal distributions based on specific real world problems that a website or website applications powered by Drupal can help solve." Beth Orabona reported,  "I attended the 'Drupal 101: All the Basics, None of the Calories' training class and it was a great introduction to Drupal. The NYC Camp was a great experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone!"

Attending NYC Drupal Camp had a lot to offer from beginner to advanced trainings and sessions. I left wanting to learn more and looking forward to attending next year's camp. Overall, the day was a great experience and it left many of us wanting to learn even more about Drupal. Thank you WebNY for making this opportunity happen!