Chief Portfolio Office

The ITS Chief Portfolio Office (CPO) analyzes the project investment and business application portfolios to assess the health and performance of projects and applications, with a goal of ensuring IT projects and applications support the mission of the State and use State resources effectively with a customer-centric approach.

To achieve these purposes, the CPO establishes and formalizes processes and tools to:

  • Provide a framework for the capture and formalization of business requirements on which IT investment decision will be made;
  • Help design new applications that streamline business processes and meet business needs from the business user's perspective; and
  • Provide a framework and standardized project management methodology which will be used to manage Information Technology based projects;
  • Measure the health and performance of applications and project investments;
  • Measure ITS progress in meeting the agency's mission.

Customer Experience Design: Develops and maintains technology activities from "customer-centric" approaches that drive solutions to more directly and efficiently serve business needs, extends application shelf life, and reduces overall operations costs.  Specific services include training and mentoring in techniques such as Journey Mapping, Wire-framing, system prototyping, and team collaboration techniques.

Enterprise Business Analysis: Establishes and maintains a disciplined business analysis process with standard methodologies that can be leveraged throughout ITS and the agencies served.  Integrates with the project management process and standards.

Governance, Portfolio and Strategy: Establishes and maintains a disciplined project portfolio management process with standard project management methodologies that can be leveraged throughout ITS and the agencies served.  Supports executive-level portfolio decision-making by ITS Executives, the Deputy Director of State Operations, NYS Division of the Budget, Deputy Secretaries, and Agency Commissioners.

Lean Program Management: Supports ITS in adopting Lean management practices, which engage employees in process improvement and problem solving activities through the systematic elimination of waste and ensuring overall customer value is improved through focusing on activities that only add value to end users.

Project Management Training

The CPO offers Project Management training courses to ITS staff who serve as Project Managers, Project Team Members, or who would benefit from instruction on project management techniques. These courses are designed to increase the core group of expert project managers within ITS available to manage the increasingly complex and expensive projects necessary to support the agency's strategic goals.

These classes teach the tools and techniques for application in everyday Project Management work. In addition these classes include topics specific to ITS processes including project intake, status reporting and budgeting.

Lean Basics - Analyst Series 

Lean Basics learning is for Business Analysts and ITS employees who want to understand Lean concepts and the benefits of incorporating Lean tools and techniques into their daily work. These interactive training sessions will help change the way to identify waste, propose changes, prioritize changes, hear the voice of the customer, value stream mapping and how to implement improvements to a process.

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design is meant to clearly define the needs of the users and provide the best experience throughout a project's lifecycle. These needs are developed through a discovery process that analyzes the business needs, technology's capacity and overall expectations of the project.

Training sessions provide individuals with the skills to properly journey map a customer's design, develop prototypes that match the customer's requirements, and implement project design practices.

ITS Business Analyst Community of Practice (BACOP)

The BACOP provides professional development, mentoring, peer review and support for ITS staff performing business analysis activities.  A key goal of the BACOP is to ensure that ITS staff performing the business analyst role have the appropriate skills, tools and techniques to succeed in their jobs.  Guidance provided by the BACOP follows concepts as defined by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), published by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

The CPO employs a variety of tools to report and manage ITS investment and application portfolios.  These tools are used to assess the health and performance of projects and applications.  They are:

ServiceNow - IT Service Management (ITSM) is used to assist ITS Project Management Offices and the CPO in processing a project through the project management process.  The system uses standardized templates and workflows to guide the users through the process.  ITSM reporting features allow users to easily report on their portfolios.

Microsoft SharePoint(r) - Microsoft's secure web platform to organize and store information is used to share knowledge and automate administrative tasks that support CPOs mission of providing end user value.  Maximizing the use of workflows and the concept of metadata increases the productivity of team members.

The PMI Upstate New York Chapter: A forum to promote the principles of the PMI through networking with other project managers, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training and supporting Project Management leaders in their certification efforts.

Project Management Institute (PMI): The PMI serves practitioners and organizations with standards that describe good practices, globally recognized credentials that certify project management expertise, and resources for professional development, networking and community.

International Institute of Business Analysis(tm) (IIBA(r)):  The IIBA is the independent non-profit professional association to serve the growing field of business analysis. Through a global network, IIBA connects Members, Chapters, Corporations and Partners around the world to advance the business analysis profession by uniting a community of professionals to create better business outcomes. The IIBA recognizes business analysis professionals through certification programs. 

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA):

The Albany Local Chapter of the IIBA meets monthly, providing opportunities for networking with other business analysts as well learning and mentoring resources.  The Albany Chapter also hosts the Albany Business Analysis Development Day, with learning tracks that address the various aspects of business analysis and working on projects.

Albany Local Chapter: