Information and Cyber Security Awareness Training

Welcome to the Information and Cyber Security Awareness online training.  This training was designed for New York State employees and is being made available to NYS local government to assist them in their efforts to increase the cyber security awareness among their workforce.

The course is approximately 25 minutes in duration.  In addition to teaching employees about information security requirements, identifying vulnerabilities and threats, and educating them on methods of social engineering, the course includes interactive exercise modules to reinforce the employees' roles and responsibilities to protect information.

The training is designed as an introduction to the topic, and does not address every security practice or information security threat.  Every workplace should make its employees aware of its specific security practices and legal obligations related to information security, which are set by statutes, regulations, and standards. 

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services ("ITS") is not liable for any loss resulting from your use or reliance on the training materials. The training is provided "as is" with no obligation to provide support or updates.

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