ITS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect

The following Restricted Periods are currently in effect. Vendors and persons acting on their behalf should consult the NYS Office for Technology Procurement Lobbying Guidelines for Vendors for further guidance on the nature of the communications which may be made to the Designated Agency Contact and Solicitation Contact, respectively.

For more information about certain Procurements, please refer to the New York State Contract Reporter.

If you have any questions about compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Act, contact your legal counsel or see the guidance issued by the Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying.

Procurement # Purpose Restricted Period Start Date ITS Designated Agency Contact(s) ITS Solicitation Contact
RFQ# PND07182020-1- ST LAWRENCE ATC RFQ Restricted to Contracted Vendors off C000522 Thursday January 14, 2021
RFQ# PND09102020-1-55 MOHAWK RFQ Restricted to Contracted Vendors off C000522 Monday December 14, 2020
RFQ# PND09012020-1-55HANSEN RFQ Restricted to Contracted Vendors off C000522 Monday December 14, 2020
RFQ# PND030620-1-55HAN RFQ Restricted to Contracted Vendors off C000522 Monday December 14, 2020
IFB C000675 NYEnet Fiber Maintenance and Locating Services Wednesday December 30, 2020
C000674 The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (hereinafter "ITS" or "State") is issuing this Invitation for Bid (IFB) to seek bids from responsive and responsible Vendors for a five (5) year service, repair and maintenance contract for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems manufactured by Liebert_Vertiv. Wednesday December 23, 2020
C000395 Orbis – to ensure YASI - a proprietary software provided by Orbis Partners, Inc., that measures the risk of re-offending and assists probation professionals in New York State assess risk and identity needs, as well as the protective factors in providing informed recommendations to the courts and developing effective case plans for the supervision of juveniles in the community. Thursday October 01, 2020
C000522 Network Cabling Tuesday September 01, 2020
RFP C000623 Data Center Services for Unisys Based Platforms Thursday August 20, 2020
ITS-PBITS-2020-40SM Welfare Management System Legacy Rules Extraction Tuesday August 18, 2020
C001692 for software maintenance and support of the AVL (Automated Vehicle Location) system currently utilized by the Division of State Police Wednesday August 12, 2020
CM00667 For maintenance of software and provision of technical support for a CAD/AVL (computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location) system currently utilized by the Division of State Police. Thursday July 30, 2020
T000668 Specialized IT Consulting Services Wednesday July 01, 2020
C000012 Amendment to Contract with Chicago Soft LTD Wednesday July 01, 2020
C000060 Amendment to Contract with Astadia Inc. Wednesday July 01, 2020
C000065 Amendment to Contract with Sightline Holdings Corp Wednesday July 01, 2020
C000463 Amendment to Contract with IBM Wednesday July 08, 2020
PBITS# ITS-PBITS-2020-38SM Data Management, Conversion and Synchronization - NYS Integrated Eligibility System Program Wednesday June 24, 2020
C000361 Bonditech -- to ensure continued functionality of the Claims Assistant software including maintenance in compliance with new statutory mandates scheduled to be in effect during calendar year 2020 and onwards. Friday May 01, 2020
All RFQs off Contracts Awarded from RFP C000619- IES Technical Services Allocation RFQs Restricted to Contracted Vendors Off C000619 Friday March 06, 2020
C000248 ServiceNow, Inc. Wednesday November 13, 2019
C003079 ITS Seeking an Extension with The Center for Internet Security Tuesday September 10, 2019
C001907 C001907: Amendment No. 1 – G4S (Adesta) Friday August 23, 2019
C001754 C001754: Amendment No. 1 – G4S (Adesta) Friday August 23, 2019
C000057 Continued Maintenance of BMC Software, Inc. Products in Service of Several State Agencies Monday July 08, 2019
C002102 Contract Extension – IDEMIA Identity & Security USA LLC (formerly MorphoTrack) Wednesday April 03, 2019
RFQ ITS-2018-844JH-Tax-Des Plaines- Illinois. The posting of restricted periods is mandated by State Finance Law Section 139 for any procurement contracts with a value of $15,000 or more. Friday February 22, 2019
OFT01-C000361-1380000 Extension of Contract C000361 for Licensing, maintenance and service of Claims Assistant software. Tuesday February 05, 2019
C001692 Establishment of Restricted Period - Intergraph Corporation - Contract No. C001692 - Amendment #2 Procurement Wednesday January 09, 2019