Cybersecurity Advisories


Today's Cyber Alert Level is: Guarded

On July 17, the Cyber Threat Alert Level was evaluated and is remaining at Blue (Guarded) due to vulnerabilities in Google Chrome. On July 17, the MS-ISAC released an advisory for multiple vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, the most severe of which could allow for arbitrary code execution. Organizations and users are advised to update and apply all appropriate vendor security patches to vulnerable systems and to continue to update their antivirus signatures daily. Another line of defense includes user awareness training regarding the threats posed by attachments and hypertext links contained in emails especially from un-trusted sources.

Guarded indicates a general risk of increased hacking, virus or other malicious activity. The potential exists for malicious cyber activities, but no known exploits have been identified, or known exploits have been identified but no significant impact has occurred.

Other Cyber Advisories
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