RFP C000619 Technical Services Allocation

Publication Date: 
Wednesday August 28, 2019
Last Updated Date: 
Thursday September 26, 2019
RFP C000619 Technical Services Allocation
File RFP C000619 Technical Services Allocation144.63 KB
PDF icon Appendix A - Standard Clauses for NYS Contracts74.96 KB
File Appendix C - ITS Terms and Conditions172.86 KB
File Appendix C-1 - Contractor's Insurance Requirements29.59 KB
PDF icon Appendix D - Office of the State Comptroller Travel Manual335.89 KB
File Appendix E - EEO 101, Workforce Employment Utilization-Diversity Compliance Report46.09 KB
File Appendix F - MWBE 102, Quarterly Compliance Report53.85 KB
File Appendix G - Primary Security and Privacy Mandates38.64 KB
File Appendix H - Consultant Disclosure Reporting Requirements Forms A B52.42 KB
File Appendix J - Glossary of Terms66.43 KB
File Appendix K - Overview of IES243.05 KB
File Appendix L - Job Titles Positions118.11 KB
File Appendix M - Sample Personnel Request Document (PRD) (Revised September 26, 2019)32.47 KB
File Attachment 1 - Proposal Submission Requirements Checklist48.6 KB
File Attachment 3 - Non-collusive Bidding Certification67.4 KB
File Attachment 4 - Vendor Questions: Q & A Addendum (Added September 26, 2019)38.06 KB
File Attachment 5 - NYS Required Certification37.93 KB
File Attachment 7 - Firm Offer Letter and Conflict of Interest Disclosure (Revised September 26, 2019)38.83 KB
PDF icon Attachment 8 - Procurement Lobbying Forms and EO 177124.74 KB
File Attachment 9 - Equal Employment Opportunity Staffing Plan - EEO 10045.88 KB
File Attachment 10 - Minority Women Owned Business Utilization Plan - MWBE 10044.7 KB
PDF icon Attachment 11 - MWBE and EEO Policy Statement Form 469.37 KB
PDF icon Attachment 12 - SDVOB Utilization Plan166.42 KB
File Attachment 13 - Sexual Harassment Prevention Certification26.5 KB
File Attachment 14 - Encouraging Use of NYS Business in Contract Performance23.89 KB
PDF icon Attachment 15 - Contractor Certification to Covered Agency ST-220 CA675.39 KB
File Attachment 16 - Bidder Information Form33.59 KB
File Attachment 17 - Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance Requirements26.37 KB
File Attachment 18 - Affirmative Statements27.95 KB
File Attachment 19 - FOIL Litigation Disclosure10.32 KB
File Attachment 20 - Minimum Bidder Qualifications (Revised September 26, 2019)66.54 KB
File Attachment 22 - Financial Proposal Workbook32.91 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Attachment 23 - Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire234 KB
File Attachment 24 - Vendor Assurance No Conflict of Interest14.75 KB
File Attachment 25 - Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH40.51 KB
File Exhibit 1 - Information Security Requirements28.55 KB