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Enterprise eDiscovery Services

Enterprise eDiscovery Services (EES) provides a wide variety of support services and guidance to agencies related to compliance with preservation obligations of electronically stored information, including managing account access and utilizing M365 tools, as well as forensics analysis, and RelativityOne.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Email Account Access Services, including:
    • Delegate Access: EES can provide delegate access to an employee’s data, upon request with agency approval.
    • Deprovisioning: EES maintains a policy for the standardized process for proper sanitization of email and home drive data upon User separation. EES works with agency counsel to meet data preservation requirements in conjunction with employee separation.
    • eDiscovery Support Services
      • Microsoft Purview Access, Training, and Support, including training and guidance on using Microsoft’s eDiscovery product.
      • LHCOs to provide access to Microsoft Purview to agency designated Legal Hold Compliance Officers with agency General Counsel approval.
  • Non-Email ESI Services, including:
    • Requests for Non-Email ESI: EES manages client agency requests for non-email ESI from workstations, network drives, collaborative drives, SharePoint sites, phone logs, Webex and internet usage reports.
    • Legal Preservation Obligations: EES advises on and manages eDiscovery and preservation implications regarding PC reimaging, refreshes and more.
    • Targeted Collections: EES can perform targeted collections following the industry standard EDRM.NET guidelines to preserve relevant data.
    • Workstation Reports: EES can provide a list of the workstations that an employee has logged into, and the volume of user created data. 
    • Data Topographies: EES can provide a list of the network server folder locations from which the user can Read/Write files.
    • VDI Profile collection: If a user is using a Virtual Desktop (VDI) EES can likely locate data on the data on Network Servers in either their Home Drive or their Roaming Profile.
    • Litigation Matter Folders: EES works with agency Counsel to create a system for storing case related data that allows for life cycle management.
    • Forensic Imaging: EES Forensic Imaging Unit can provide a forensic image of equipment for data preservation.
  • Miscellaneous Services
    • Emergency Offboarding: EES offboards Users from agencies when there is a potential risk to the agency if all access is not immediately disabled.
    • Mobile Device Management: EES can identify if a state employee has been provided a mobile device and provide such data to agencies.
    • Non-Mobile Device Lookup: EES can provide non-mobile telephone call detail records.
    • Data Migration Projects: EES confirms migrations are compliant with data preservation requirements and eDiscovery obligations.
    • Litigation Support: EES can aid client agency litigation teams, including recommendations for search terms, ESI protocols, affidavits, and other responses related to eDiscovery efforts. EES can also:
      • Provide staff for arbitration or deposition support.
      • Assist with the transfer of large data pulls for discovery production.
      • Provide guidance on additional matters, including legal holds and referrals to relevant policies.

Service Rates include, but are not limited to the following:

  • RelativityOne
    • RelativityOne is an eDiscovery cloud tool that can ingest both structured and unstructured data sets, and efficiently produce large amounts of data.
    • RelativityOne is a full spectrum eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) solution that offers functions such as:
      • Streamlined document coding with quality control measures in your productions to avoid conflicts, such as privilege and confidentiality.
      • Automated redaction capabilities.
    • RelativityOne can aid attorneys when building their case timeline, outline witness testimony, and assign documents to witnesses.
    • Access: EES can setup workspaces in RelativityOne and provide access with appropriate client agency approval.
    • Training and support: EES provides training and support in order to properly utilize the platform. 
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