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Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) for NYS Employees

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) for NYS Employees

ITSM Program

The Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented an organization-wide Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Program. ITSM is intended to optimize service delivery and improve customer service by implementing consistent, reliable, and repeatable processes. 

If you need a new login to a desktop application, are assisting with onboarding a new employee, or want to request a new computer, you can access these services and more through ITSM.

Program Benefits

The ITSM Program has adopted the widely accepted industry standard Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. Some of the benefits of ITSM include:

  • Streamlined and transparent service request and fulfillment process - clients no longer must navigate numerous points of entry, but instead have a single, consolidated service catalog to work from.
  • Single interface - clients have a single point of entry - the ITSM Portal - for capturing, processing and monitoring all requests for ITS-provided services via a web browser.
  • Common language - using the ITIL framework and single system will enable clients and ITS to use the same terms, speak the same language, reduce redundancies and avoid misunderstandings.

Submit Service Request

The ITSM system is available using a standard Internet browser and is secured using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Anyone with a NYS Active Directory (AD) account will be able to access the ITSM Portal, but their ability to use the system is governed by the roles and groups assigned by their agency or organization.

Access the ITSM System using your AD account.*

*Please see our NY.gov ID page for more information on that service.

Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base is available to all with access to the Enterprise ITSM System. The Knowledge Base is a valuable resource that all ITSM users can build on and help improve. Users can sign in to the ITSM System to access articles specifically related to the work they do in the system.