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ITS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect

ITS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect


The following Restricted Periods are currently in effect. Vendors and persons acting on their behalf should consult the NYS Office for Technology Procurement Lobbying Guidelines for Vendors for further guidance on the nature of the communications which may be made to the Designated Agency Contact and Solicitation Contact, respectively.

For more information about certain Procurements, please refer to the New York State Contract Reporter.

If you have any questions about compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Act, contact your legal counsel or see the guidance issued by the Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying.

Restricted Periods

Procurement #


Restricted Period Start Date

ITS Designated Agency Contact(s)

ITS Solicitation Contact

PND792022 - DOCCS Coxsackie RFQ restricted to contracted vendors off C000522 01/13/2023
C000729 - SPECIALIZED STAFFING TO PROVIDE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT SERVICES RFP seeking qualified vendors to provide specialized consultants on an as needed basis. 05/26/2023
RFQ#PND932023 – MVPC Utica Cabling Bldg. 64 & 71 and RFQ#PND992023 – MCPV Utica Cabling Bldg. 21 Network Cabling 06/05/2023
RFQ# PND982023 - Signal Lab Waterford Network Cabling 05/24/2023
RFQ# PND962023 - Martville Network Cabling 05/16/2023
RFQ# PND942023-52 Washington Network Cabling 04/28/2023
RFQ# PDN952023 - OMH South Beach Network Cabling 04/27/2023
RFQ# PND922023 - DEC Brasher Falls Network Cabling 04/25/2023
Intergraph Corporation – C000667 Multi-Tenant CAD/AVL Platform 04/21/2023
RFQ# PND892023 - Dulles SOB Network Cabling 04/19/2023
RFQ# PND902023 - OCM Buffalo Network Cabling 04/18/2023
Establishment of Restricted Period - Intergraph Corporation - Contract No. C001692 - Amendment 5

for software maintenance and support of the NYSP AVL system (Amendment 5)

RFQ #PND872023 – DEC Depew Network Cabling 04/06/2023
RFQ #PND862023 - Camp Colby Network Cabling 03/07/2023
C000715 – IES Organizational Change Management Effort RFP Organizational Change Management Effort  02/27/2023
CM00884 – Oracle America, Inc Amendment 13  02/23/2023
C000725 Wolters Kluwer TeamMate Contract 11/01/2022 N/A
C000733 Precisely Software Inc Contract


C000742 Staff Augmentation – Digital Credentials 09/29/2022
C002275 Windstream Holdings II, LLC 09/02/2022
C000466 Amendment 2 02/24/2022
C000507 - Amendment #3 (Google Cloud Services Log Monitoring) amendment of the Verizon Business Services contract (C000507) 05/21/2021


C000619, All RFQs off Contracts Awarded from RFP - IES Technical Services Allocation RFQs Restricted to Contracted Vendors Off C000619 03/06/2020