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Local Government Cybersecurity

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For Elected Officials, Administrative Officials and Business Managers:

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Training Courses

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Cybersecurity Awareness Toolkit

An Awareness Toolkit was created for State and local governments. The toolkit is designed to promote the delivery of a consistent cybersecurity awareness message by reinforcing core themes in practical, informative, entertaining, and usable ways.

Local Government Cybersecurity Toolkit

The toolkit features practical information, risk assessment tools and guidance to help local government minimize cyber risk, and increase cybersecurity awareness. 

Get Involved
In recognition of October Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Enterprise Information Security Office, in partnership with the NYS Cyber Security Local Government Committee (NYS Association of Towns, NY Conference of Mayors and Municipalities, Digital Towpath, NYS Local Government Information Technology Directors Association, NYS Government Finance Officers' Association, NYS Town Clerks Association, NY Association of Local Government Records Officers, NYS Office of the State Comptroller) hosted a webinar for local government officials. Deborah Snyder, Chief Information Security Officer, provided a non-technical overview of cyber security concerns and attacks, how government data can be at risk, how attacks threaten fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities, and what local government officials can do to mitigate the risk.

Approximately 200 local government officials across the state registered for the event.

Cybersecurity Guides

Brief, practical references intended for smaller entities that may not have the technology or information security expertise of other entities and therefore need a basic "how to get started" resource. The Guides provide a general overview of issues, and is particularly helpful for increasing the information security awareness level of those local government staff in non-technical positions (such as elected officials and administrators).

The Cybersecurity: Getting Started Guide is supplemented by a series of appendices which cover specific topics in more depth.