Local Government Cybersecurity Toolkit

The toolkit features practical information, risk assessment tools and guidance to help local government minimize cyber risk, and increase cybersecurity awareness. 

Toolkit materials include:

Asset Inventory Guidance and Templates - to help identify critical information assets for risk assessment  

Information Classification Resources


Secure System Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) Resources - to help define security requirements and tasks that should be addressed during the creation or updating of business systems

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New York State Information and Cybersecurity Awareness Training - this training was designed for New York State employees and is being made available to NYS local government to assist them in their efforts to increase the cyber security awareness among their workforce.

Awareness Training


New York State Cybersecurity Policies, Standards and Guidelines -  that can serve as a template for local government policy, standards and practices



Registration for Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis (MS-ISAC) membership -  to allow access to associated cyber resources and services. MS-ISAC is a focal point for cyber security resources and election-infrastructure cybersecurity guidance for state, local territory and tribal (SLTT) governments.

MS-ISAC Registration