ITS provides secure networking and desktop support for more than 38,000 workstations on 1,600 miles of fiber. By tapping into our team's experience maintaining large critical and complex networks, your agency will be free to focus on mission-critical activities. Our complete suite of PC, local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) services include:

Internet Access: required infrastructure and licensing for proxy service, malware scanning, and content filtering (website blocking and/or restricting) to provide safe and secure Internet access.

Managed Workplace Local Area Network (LAN): connects workstations and network devices to critical applications hosted in state data centers.

Customer Desktop Management: centralized services for safe and secure connections to the NYeNet, ITS Statewide Data Centers, Internet Services, and other agencies and vendors.

Workstation Management: specific software packages which include asset inventory and deployment of workstation software.

Emergency Remote Office: temporary "offices" to provide critical human services and disaster assistance.

OneImage: multiple workstations configured the same way through high speed workstation imaging.