New York State Consolidated Laws, Article 10-A, Office for Technology

Statement of Legislative Intent L.1997, c. 430, § 28, provides:

"Legislative intent. It is the intent of the legislature that the state of New York create an office for technology in the executive department to ensure that technology plays a pivotal role in the effective and efficient delivery of state government services. It is important that New York state creates a distinct office for technology to strategically manage its technological resources such that the planning and development of such resources occur on a statewide basis, in accordance with the business needs of the state and in a manner which positions the state for the future. Such management must leverage the state's technology as a vehicle to reform and revitalize government and for promoting positive change. It must fully accept that government's programs and services drive technology and not the reverse. It must foster the appropriate public access to useful information and promote the full protection of the rights of citizens. It must harness the economic benefit of emerging technologies in a cost effective manner, standardize practices to foster efficiency, facilitate the exchange of information within and among agencies, and seek to address the needs of businesses and local governments as well as state agencies. Finally, the management of New York state's technological resources must occur collaboratively and in conjunction with state and local government agencies, recognizing the critical role agencies perform in the production and use of information and the investment the state has made to date."