Date Released Title Source
August 2, 2019 DEC and DOH Announce New "Know Your NY Water" Website to Increase Public Awareness About Water Resources
March 17, 2019 An Inside Look at New York State Government Cybersecurity
January 10, 2019 Women Attorneys in Tech: Four Industry Leaders Talk About Their Work

Reprinted with permission from: New York State Bar Association Journal, January/February 2019, Vol. 91, No. 1, published by the New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207.
November 26, 2018 New York IT Homes in on Agencies' Business Challenges
April 24, 2018 NASCIO Midyear: 3 States Take on User-Centered Design
April 24, 2018 Why User-centered Design Research is Time-consuming and Totally Worth It
January 28, 2018 Data Privacy Day Encourages Cyber Crime Protection
December 5, 2017 New York State CIO Bob Samson on the Benefits of a Massive IT Consolidation 
October 6, 2017 Open NY October Quarterly Update is now available!
October 4, 2017 Innovation on the Horizon in New York 
October 2, 2017 Do Headline-Grabbing Breaches Change State Cybersecurity Strategy?
July 29, 2017 ITS With DMV Enhance NYS Facial Recognition System
July 20, 2017 Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Releases New Digital Aerial Map of NYC
July 14, 2017 Focus on People, Not Technology, Says NYS CIO
June 28, 2017 ITS With DMV Enhance NYS Facial Recognition System
June 9, 2017 NYS CIO Talks Strategy as New Executive Team Takes Shape