A NY.gov ID is a username and password that enables you to securely access the services New York State agencies offer online.  

With a NY.gov ID you don't need to remember a different Login ID and password at every state website.  For example, if you create a NY.gov ID through the New York State Department of Labor to access Unemployment Insurance, and then want to browse the health marketplace at New York State of Health, you can use the same NY.gov ID username and password for both agencies.  

There are three types of NY.gov IDs:

  • Personal IDs are ideal for private citizens who want to access New York State agency websites for personal use, and can be set up directly by the user.
  • Government Employee IDs are only available for New York State and local government employees to conduct employee functions, such as SLMS (Statewide Learning Management System) tor training. Government Employee IDs are issued internally and must be set up by an agency human resources officer during the onboarding process.
  • Business IDs are ideal for business organizations registered in New York State who want access to online services, and can be set up directly by the organization.

Services Offered

  • Self-Service- NY.gov account holders can change their account settings, reset passwords, and request access to different NY.gov web services.
  • High Reliability & Security- The NY.gov ID data center is set up in such a way that if one part of the system fails, another automatically activates to take its place. What does that mean for users? It means that your NY.gov ID is unlikely to crash, freeze, stop working, or face other technical difficulties. The system also ensures personally identifying information is secure and protected from unauthorized collection, disclosure, or access.
  • Delegated Administration- A NY.gov ID allows authorized users to manage agency accounts through a web application as opposed to via the desktop only.


Ready to get your own NY.gov ID? Go to https://my.ny.gov and click the Don't have an account? button and follow the prompts.

Video Guides

The following video guides provide assistance for resetting an account password and setting up account secret questions.

Resetting Your NY.gov ID Password

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Video: Resetting Your NY.gov ID Password


 Setting Up Your NY.gov ID "Secret Questions"

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Video: Setting Up Your NY.gov ID "Secret Questions"