NYS Domain Name System

NYS Domain Name System (DNS) is a fast, reliable solution for name resolution.  This service allows county and state agencies to collaborate through a centralized name resolution service.  Organizations utilizing the New York Enterprise Network (NYeNet) or the Internet for various statewide network services and applications will find the state DNS service is the best solution. 

NYS Statewide DNS services include:

  • An expert team dedicated solely to the state DNS service
  • Secure resolution for counties and agencies
  • Dedicated redundant servers for DNS
  • Active monitoring tools
  • On-Call staff, providing 24x7x365 support in the event of an emergency
  • Dynamic, automatic updates and replication of data
  • Cost savings

Services are available for New York State Agencies, Local Government and Municipalities.

NY.Gov Domain Registration Request

New York State agencies, local governments and municipalities must request approval from ITS for the use of a NY.Gov third level domain name (e.g., oft.ny.gov) or higher.

Upon approval, ITS will notify the agency or organization and work with them to update the DNS domain with their new entry.

Statewide Domain Registration Request

The statewide DNS is available for NYS agencies to both advertise and resolve the name(s) of NYeNet accessible applications.  To utilize the statewide DNS, you must have a circuit that is properly configured to communicate on the NYeNet.  NYS DNS cannot resolve public Internet names.  For information on NYeNet connectivity or advertising and application using the statewide DNS, contact the ITS Customer Relations Manager.