NYS Project Management Guidebook Release 2

The New York State Project Management Guidebook was developed to document a common methodology for managing projects in New York State government organizations and to provide guidance and advice to Project Managers throughout the life of a project.  The Guidebook is the result of many months of collaborative effort on the part of the NYS Chief Information Officer/Office for Technology's Enterprise Program Management Office and many State agencies who were willing to share their time and expertise to develop and enhance the Project Management Life Cycle and related topics.

Since its initial release in September of 2001, The Guidebook has received world wide acclaim. As of 2009, there are over 600 registered users in 45 countries, and more than 160 private companies and Educational Institutions, as well as the scores of New York State agencies.

We hope you find The Guidebook useful and we welcome your comments and suggestions.  You may register your copy of The Guidebook and receive notification of future updates by going to the Registration Form.  If you have suggested changes or recommendations, please go to the Change Request Form.

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Preface (PDF) or (Text)

Section I: Project Management Lifecycle


Lifecycle Diagram

Project Roles and Responsibilities

1. Project Origination (PDF) or (Text)

2. Project Initiation (PDF) or (Text)

3. Project Planning (PDF) or (Text)

4. Project Execution and Control (PDF) or (Text)

5. Project Closeout (PDF ) or (Text)

Project Management Templates

Section II: Project Management Topics

1. Project Triage (PDF) or (Text)

2. Leadership (PDF) or (Text)

3. Procurement and Contractor Management (PDF) or (Text)

4. Performance Measures (PDF) or (Text)

5. IT Project Capability (PDF) or (Text)

6. IT Project Tools (PDF) or (Text)

Section III: System Development Life Cycle

Introduction and SDLC Overview

Lifecycle Diagram

Roles and Responsibilities

1. System Initiation (PDF) or (Text)

2. System Requirements Analysis (PDF) or (Text)

3. System Design (PDF) or (Text)

4. System Construction (PDF) or (Text)

5. System Acceptance (PDF) or (Text)

6. System Implementation (PDF) or (Text)

SDLC Templates

Appendices (PDF)