Organizational Health Index (OHI) Initiative

Organizational Health Index (OHI) Initiative

In winter 2013, the NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) conducted an Organizational Health Index (OHI) survey to help the agency collectively understand the baseline for ITS organizational health as we continue the transformation journey. Over 2,400 ITS employees completed the survey, providing a much better understanding of what it is like to be part of ITS. ITS is using these results to take action and measure progress. The survey results showed us that ITS has many strengths on which to build. Our employees are experienced, motivated, and capable employees who focus on their customers.


Three Themes The ITS leadership team used these results to identify three themes to strengthen our organization, including:
  1. Connect individual work with a shared ITS vision – involve employees by making individual responsibilities, expectations, and goals clear and connected to a collective ITS vision
  2. Build employee capabilities – increase opportunities for challenging work, training and knowledge sharing, and capture employee ideas,
  3. Create a performance culture – track progress, honestly discuss performance, and celebrate success.


Meet the Members The team consists of a cross representation from host agencies and grade levels. The OHI team members include:

Core Team Executive Owner: William Travis, Jr. Executive Director: Anne Marie Rainville Project Manager: Kelly Freebern Communications: Dawn Lajeunesse, Megan Porter Technical Support: Bob Murdock Project Assistant: Kristin Smeltzer Project Support: Tara Isaac, Rachel Shevy, Al Campisano
Performance Measurement: Jack Armitage, Tom Wegener, Cathy Lajeunesse
Theme 1 - Project Manager: Natalie Cole Letticia Ruderman, Maricella Garcia, Justin Genevick, James Catlin, Eloise Johnny, Steve Biondi Sample deliverables: ITS vision, strategy, and mission statement; two-way communication plan; up-to-date organization charts
Theme 2 - Project Manager: Darcy Scheyer Jason Moreland, Dan Paolucci, Gwen McManaman, Michael Johnson Samples deliverables: leadership development training; monthly knowledge forums
Theme 3 – Project Manager: Kelly Smith-Lawless Sean Hogan, Nancy McDermott, Prachi Mondaiyka, Venkata Jupudi Sample deliverables: operational metrics; best practices


On June 26, the OHI team held a kickoff for new team members, as well as ITS leadership and members of the ITS Communications Workgroup. The OHI team will partner with and leverage the work of other transformation teams to accomplish their work in these to take advantage of the foundation that has already been laid and is working with the ITS Communications Workgroup to continue to provide information as we move forward on this effort.


If you have any questions or thoughts on OHI, please email the OHI Team at [email protected] .