Plan to Procure (PTP)

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All New York State agencies must notify the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) of any purchases of technology that meet the stated thresholds and technology-related materials, services or otherwise, as stated in Technology Policy NYS–P08-001.

The threshold requiring a PTP submission for technology related purchases is $50,000.

New York State strives to manage its technology investments and leverage the state's buying power in order to create value for delivering better government services across the State enterprise. We will continue to work with you to achieve a more efficient and result-oriented technology planning process. Efforts will be focused on aligning technology initiatives and associated purchases with state agency objectives in order to obtain technology products and services that will support agency missions at a competitive cost.

The purpose of PTP notifications is:

  1. To ensure ITS has a working knowledge of what technology is being purchased by New York State.
  2. To coordinate purchases, whenever possible, among agencies.
  3. To ensure the compatibility of technology acquisitions on a statewide basis.
  4. To enhance IT spending and deployment oversight.

State agencies must submit a PTP to acquire any technology and technology-related products or services meeting the following guidelines:

  • Any technology goods or services, i.e., hardware, software and related services equal to or greater than $50,000; or
  • Any aggregate commodity contract or any enterprise/universal licensing contract purchase regardless of dollar amount; or
  • Any exception to an aggregate or enterprise contract regardless of dollar amount.

Submitting a PTP

For the time being a PTP should be submitted, along with any supporting documentation, via the existing ITP online application.  Agencies may continue utilizing this application with their existing entitled accounts.

In order to use this online system, you must have a New York State Directory Services user account.  Many agencies already have PTP (ITP) User Administrators in place who can entitle agency accounts to use the PTP (ITP) application.  If you do not know your PTP (ITP) User Administrator, please inquire with ITS Customer Relations at or 518-473-2658.

If your agency does not have a PTP (ITP) User Administrator, and your agency is not a NYS Directory Services Participating Organization, you can fill out the PTP (ITP) Delegated Administrator (DA) Request Form.

If your agency does not have a PTP (ITP) User Administrator but is a NYS Directory Services Participating Organization, your agency's CIO (or equivalent) must make the request.  They can request that a PTP (ITP) User Administrator be created by sending the name and existing Security Level 2 User ID to Customer Relations at

For questions pertaining to the Plan to Procure process, contact or 518-473-2658.

Who has to submit a PTP?

PTP's are required by all NYS agencies covered under Executive Order 117, which created the New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer. This applies to “state agency” entities, which by definition includes all state agencies, departments, offices, divisions, boards, bureaus, commissions and other entities over which the Governor has executive power.