2023 NYS Cybersecurity Conference 25th Anniversary
May 10, 2023

Registration Now Open for New York’s 25th Annual Cybersecurity Conference June 6-7

Registration Now Open for New York’s 25th Annual Cybersecurity Conference June 6-7
Cybersecurity Event Offers Learning Opportunities for IT Professionals, Business Managers, Educators, and More

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) today announced that registration is open for the 25th Annual New York State Cybersecurity Conference. The conference, which takes place June 6-7, 2023, at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, is focused on boosting cybersecurity awareness and empowering state and local governments, academia, organizations and New Yorkers to take better control of their digital security. The conference is free to government and public sector employees, as well as students.

“It is more important than ever that we are prepared to protect ourselves from and respond to today's evolving cyber challenges,” said Acting New York State Chief Information Officer Jennifer Lorenz. “We all have a role to play in keeping our critical personal and organizational assets secure, and to do that effectively it takes knowledge of best practices and proven cyber strategies. Thanks to Governor Hochul, New York State is already a national leader in cybersecurity, and this conference is a key part of our ongoing effort to build greater cyber awareness and further improve our collaboration with stakeholders all across New York.”

The event, which spans two days, is hosted by ITS, the University at Albany's School of Business, and The New York State Forum, Inc. More than 50 sessions, including interactive discussions led by subject matter experts in both government and commercial sectors will be offered. Former City of New York Deputy Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Threat Management Quiessence Phillips will deliver the keynote address on cyber resilience.

"Education and awareness, in government, the private sector, and the community at large, are essential to address today's constantly evolving cyber threats," said New York State Chief Information Security Officer Chris DeSain. “The 25th Annual Conference continues our efforts to provide individuals across a broad range of disciplines opportunities to learn from leading experts in the field and discuss effective cybersecurity strategies and best practices."

The New York State Cybersecurity Conference is another measure undertaken by New York to improve the State's cybersecurity posture. The annual Cybersecurity Conference brings attention to these important cyber initiatives by calling for active participation from individuals and organizations from across the State.

“The public sector’s reliance on technology to deliver critical services to its citizen customers, manage its own workforce, and interact effectively with its private sector partners, keeps growing in leaps and bounds,” Fran Reiter, Executive Director of The NYS Forum, Inc. said.  This never-ending growth in combination with the constant emergence of new technologies, makes it more important than ever that we protect our IT infrastructure from cyber incursions. In keeping with the Forum’s traditional purpose, this conference provides a valuable opportunity for public and private sector IT professionals to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and discover new methods and technologies for protecting against cyber-attacks.

"Cybersecurity is one of the University at Albany’s signature research strengths, and UAlbany is proud that its School of Business is a longstanding supporter the NYS Cybersecurity Conference and Annual Symposium on Information Assurance,” said University at Albany President Havidán Rodríguez. “The New York State Office of Information Technology Services is a valued partner, and this event is a prime example of how academia and government can collaborate to make our cyber infrastructure more secure and more resilient.” 

“The issue of cyber security affects all New Yorkers and the need for improved cyber security has never been greater. Each day, State Police employees, both sworn and civilian, work together with the shared goal of keeping all New Yorkers safe online,” New York State Police Acting Superintendent Steven A. Nigrelli said. “We want to remind the public that just like you should be aware of your physical surroundings, you should be aware of your online presence too. The State Police are committed to working with our partners to become more effective in combating and responding to cyber threats.”

For more information, and to register for the 25th Annual New York State Cybersecurity Conference, visit the conference website at https://its.ny.gov/2023-nys-cybersecurity-conference. For highlights of the event, follow us on Twitter @NYSITS.