ITS Launches 2018 New York State’s Kids Safe Online Poster Contest

Annual Poster Contest Helps Teach Kids about Cyber Safety - ITS Now Accepting Poster Submissions from Students Across the State
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) today launched the Annual New York State Kids Safe Online Poster Contest to engage young people in thinking about cyber security and help promote safe online practices. The contest, which is part of the National Kids Safe Online Poster Contest organized by the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), is open to New York State students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The deadline for submissions is December 4, 2018. 

"As our youth spend more and more time online, it is increasingly important to teach online safety in our schools and in our homes," said Robert H. Samson, New York State Chief Information Officer. "Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, New York State is well positioned to respond to cyber threats, but we all play a role in keeping our information safe and secure. We are pleased to partner with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center on the Kids Safe Online Poster Contest to further engage our children in discussion around cyber safety." 

"Students are growing up in a digital, globally-connected world," said Deborah Snyder, New York State Chief Information Security Officer. "They spend a significant amount of time online each day, and know how technology is being utilized by their peers. It is refreshing to see their perspective and how they portray the importance of being safe online. This program does more than just build awareness. As we teach students cyber skills, we're also creating future digital leaders and exposing them to STEAM career opportunities." 

"The National Kids Safe Online Poster Contest allows our youth to educate their peers on how to stay safe online. The posters share tips for safe web surfing and the responsible use of social media platforms," said Thomas Duffy, Chair of the MS-ISAC, and Center for Internet Security (CIS) Senior Vice President of Operations and Services

The winning posters will be announced in early 2019 and will be featured in the 2020 New York State Kids Safe Online Calendar. The winners will be automatically entered in the CIS MS-ISAC national poster contest. Last year, New York State had four students selected in the national contest. 

The goal of the contest is to educate students about cyber security by encouraging them to creatively depict what cyber security means to them through artwork. The contest also serves as a tool to encourage teachers across New York State to reinforce cyber security best practices such as the appropriate use of text messaging, safe sharing on social networking and protecting their personal information. 

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