New York State Honors Andrew Hoppin as NYS Public Sector CIO of the Year

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New York State Honors Andrew Hoppin as NYS Public Sector CIO of the Year

Mr. Hoppin Selected for Innovative Leadership as NYS Senate CIO
Albany, NY 12220
United States
Thursday, April 29, 2010

During the 2010 CIO Academy, New York State Chief Information Officer and Director of the Office for Technology, Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, awarded the 2010 New York State Public Sector CIO of the Year Award to Andrew Hoppin, Chief Information Officer for the New York State Senate.


The CIO of the Year award recognizes individuals for exemplary leadership, strategic vision, innovation and collaboration. Mr. Hoppin was selected for his exemplary leadership in moving the New York State legislative information systems into the 21st Century and providing a model for other New York State public sector institutions, as well as national bodies to follow.


“On behalf of the New York State technology enterprise and the New York State Government Technology Advisory Board I extend my sincere congratulations to Andrew Hoppin, our 2010 CIO of the Year,” said Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart. His leadership and vision has helped the New York State Senate become more open, transparent, and accountable; engaging taxpayers in the dialogue. Through the use of modern social media tools, and taking a head-on approach to overcoming challenges, Andrew Hoppin has made a significant impact on the New York State Legislature and its IT operations.”


Mr. Hoppin has taken set of disparate New York government websites and developed a new state of the art communications infrastructure which allows elected leaders to communicate with citizens and also allows citizens to provide meaningful feedback. He has shown strong leadership and developed a collaborative working environment to execute a strategic plan. Mr. Hoppin's greatest achievement has been the creation of the first open legislative platform to allow citizens to mark up legislation as it is being crafted by elected officials thereby bringing a new level of transparency to the process along with a profound increase in civic engagement. It is a model for all other states to follow. See:


During the awards ceremony two additional CIOs were recognized as finalists for their outstanding work and accomplishments: Adam Gigandet, CIO at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles; and Nancy Mulholland, CIO at the NYS Department of Transportation.


Adam Gigandet has transformed the Department of Motor Vehicles Information Technology (IT) organization from a manager directed set of legacy applications to a customer centric, service oriented, forward thinking, CIO- led organization that has transformed how the agency approaches technology. Under Adam Gigandet’s leadership, the Department of Motor vehicles is employing the newest technologies and the latest concepts, while building and enhancing services to better meet the needs of the citizens and businesses of New York State.


Through Nancy Mulholland’s strategic IT vision, the NYS Department of Transportation has achieved greater focus on an enterprise approach to information technology and developed a solid foundation for information technology solutions to be implemented. Nancy Mulholland has embraced a more unified and cohesive approach to that allows for better planning and management of scarce resources. The Department of Transportation has taken great strides to employ a centralized IT infrastructure and application support, enabling economies of scale and increasing transparency and data sharing.


As the 2010 CIO of the Year, Andrew Hoppin will be featured in Public CIO Magazine — a Government Technology publication and received a citation from Governor David A. Paterson.

The New York State CIO Academy is produced by Government Technology Executive Events. Government Technology is a division of eRepublic Inc., a publishing, research and new media company serving state and local government and education IT markets. Dr. Mayberry-Stewart chairs the CIO Advisory Board, which includes a dedicated group of executive management and technology leaders in the public and private sector.


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Andrew Hoppin, NYS Senate CIO and the 2010 NYS CIO of the Year and the 2010 CIO of the Year finalists, Nancy Mulholland, CIO at the NYS Department of Transportation and Adam Gigandet, CIO at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

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