Rules and Guidelines

Relevant Information

All technology procurements are subject to state procurement laws and must comply with NYS technology policies and standards. If your company is interested in selling IT goods or services in the NYS public sector marketplace or in contracting with NYS government entities, these links provide useful information before you get started:

Additional 48 CFR 52.232-39 Language

All New York State contracts, even those not expressly negotiated or for which consideration other than money is given, are subject to and deemed to include the version of New York State's Appendix A - Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts, current with the date of the contract's formation.

Neither ITS nor any other New York State government entity shall be deemed to have agreed to any clause by virtue of it appearing in an End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, or similar legal instrument or agreement. Any such agreement invoked through an "I agree" click box or other comparable mechanism (e.g., "click-wrap" or "browse-wrap" agreements) does not bind to the clauses therein ITS or any other New York State government entity.