Statewide Policies

Statewide technology policies and guidelines set standards and define best practices for the State's IT community. All statewide technology policies are available by category and can be ordered by number, date published, and date modified date. A complete listing of defined terms for NYS Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Best Practice Guidelines is available in the "NYS Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Best Practice Guidelines Glossary".

More information about the process for establishing NYS policies is available in the Process for Establishing Enterprise Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (NYS-P09-003).

Category Date Published Last Updatedsort ascending No. Title
Security 10/18/2013 10/13/2022 NYS-P13-001 Information Security Exception Policy
Procurement 04/01/2008 07/06/2022 NYS-P08-001 Plan to Procure
Policy 04/04/2002 11/23/2021 NYS-P08-002 Authority to Establish Enterprise Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Guidelines
Security 05/15/2015 11/23/2021 NYS-S15-003 802.11 Wireless Network Security
Technology Development/Use 04/17/1998 11/23/2021 NYS-P98-003 Date Time Conversion Contract Language
Technology Development/Use 04/11/2014 11/23/2021 NYS-S14-011 Enterprise Mobile Management Technical Standard
Security 04/18/2003 11/23/2021 NYS-P03-002 Information Security Policy
Web and Digital Government 08/22/2005 11/23/2021 NYS-S05-002 Contact Web Page
Security 10/18/2013 11/23/2021 NYS-S13-003 Sanitization Secure Disposal Standard
Security 02/21/2014 11/23/2021 NYS-S14-005 Security Logging Standard
Security 01/17/2014 11/23/2021 NYS-S14-001 Information Security Risk Management Standard
Security 04/18/2014 08/16/2021 NYS-S14-009 Mobile Device Security
Division of Legal 03/25/2005 08/16/2021 NYS-P10-001 Advertisements, Endorsements and Sponsorships on State Entity Websites
Security 04/18/2014 08/16/2021 NYS-S14-008 Secure Configuration Standard
Security 11/15/2013 05/20/2021 NYS-S13-005 Cyber Incident Response Standard
Policy 04/04/2002 05/04/2021 NYS-P09-003 Process for Establishing Enterprise Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Guidelines
Policy 05/26/2004 05/04/2021 NYS-G04-001 Electronic Signatures and Records Act (ESRA) Guidelines
Security 02/12/2010 05/04/2021 NYS-S10-001 CPE Requirements for ISOs/Designated Security Representatives Standard
Security 01/16/2015 05/04/2021 NYS-S15-001 Patch Management
Security 01/16/2015 05/04/2021 NYS-S15-002 Vulnerability Management
Security 03/21/2014 12/01/2020 NYS-S14-006 Authentication Tokens Standard
Security 08/15/2014 12/01/2020 NYS-S14-013 Account Management Access Control Standard
Technology Development/Use 04/11/2014 12/01/2020 NYS-S14-012 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Security 10/18/2013 12/01/2020 NYS-S13-002 Secure Coding Standard
Privacy 07/07/2010 10/02/2020 NYS-P10-004 Guidance for the Use of SSNs by State Government Entities
IT Standards 06/17/2002 10/02/2020 NYS-G02-001 Internet Privacy Guideline
Policy 04/27/2001 08/24/2020 NYS-P01-001 Bid Protest Policy
Security 03/21/2014 07/16/2020 NYS-S14-007 Encryption Standard
Security 10/10/2008 07/16/2020 NYS-S14-002 Information Classification Standard
Security 07/16/2020 07/16/2020 NYS-P20-001 Digital Identity Policy
Security 07/16/2020 07/16/2020 NYS-S20-001 Digital Identity Standard
Security 04/18/2014 07/16/2020 NYS-S14-010 Remote Access
Web and Digital Government 10/27/2008 12/27/2019 NYS-P08-003 Domain Names for State Government Agencies
Web and Digital Government 04/04/2002 07/17/2019 NYS-P08-005 Accessibility of Information Communication Technology
Security 01/17/2014 12/07/2018 NYS-P14-001 Acceptable Use of Information Technology (IT) Resources Policy
Security 05/10/2010 10/25/2018 NYS-G10-001 Secure Use of Social Media
Web and Digital Government 10/20/2011 08/14/2018 NYS-P11-001 Social Media
IT Standards 01/30/2018 01/30/2018 NYS-S17-003 Notification Standard for Certain Types of Regulated Data
Security 10/10/2008 03/10/2017 NYS-S14-003 Information Security Controls
Security 10/18/2013 03/09/2017 NYS-S13-001 Secure System Development Life Cycle
Web and Digital Government 04/15/2016 04/15/2016 NYS-S16-001 New York State Universal Web Navigation
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