Watson Chat

How To's

Access Watson Chat

  1. Access your ITSM Service Now account.
  2. Select "Self Service Portal from the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on "Chat Support Now with Watson" to ask your questions.
  4. Provide user feedback by clicking on the appropriate thumbs up or down icon.
  5. If you don't obtain a satisfactory answer from Watson Chat, click to connect with an ITS Service Desk Representative using online chat!

Providing Watson Chat feedback

Providing feedback after your Watson Chat experience will help to improve Watson's confidence in answering this question for others. If Watson Chat provides you with an incorrect answer, please mark the Thumbs Down button, so that the system can be corrected. 

There is a comment box to provide unstructured text feedback. To provide additional feedback, or to help improve a solution that was offered, please email the Watson Team at: [email protected]

Common Questions

What is Watson Chat?

Watson Chat is a virtual chat agent accessed through the ServiceNow Self-service portal that allows clients to ask self-help eligible IT-related questions on a specific set of topics that Watson has been trained to answer.

When is Watson Chat available?

Watson Chat is available via the ITSM ServiceNow Self-service portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What is Watson Chat trained to answer?

Watson Chat is currently trained to answer common questions regarding Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, RSA SecurID, Mobile Devices, and SLMS. Additional content is in development.

Supporting Materials

Watson Chat