MeetNY: Best Practices for Working Remotely

    Due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) a historic number of employees are now working remotely. Here, in New York State, Webex Meetings (MeetNY) have never been more vital for staying connected.

    If you are new to remote work, ITS is here to help make this change easy - keeping you connected to your Team. Webex Meetings bring your Team together, face-to-face  with video conferencing, high quality audio, messaging, and screen sharing on any device. Sharing ideas can still happen in an instant, and meetings happen with the click of a button.

    Stay Productive from Anywhere

    • Find a workspace that's comfortable and productive
    • Connect face-to-face using Webex
    • Mute your microphone in meetings until you are ready to contribute
    • Use a headset to reduce distractions
    • If enabled, turn your video on

    If you have bandwidth constraints, join the meeting on your laptop and join audio from your phone instead.

    Strain on regional Internet service providers and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) outages or service degradations may impact your Webex meeting experience. Please click on the Support Info tab above and go to the ProTips section to view Webex Meeting Best Practices.

    Make it Personal

    Your Personal Meeting Room (PMR) is like your virtual office, the door is always open for collaboration with your colleagues - join in the click of a button from your Webex desktop app. The address stays the same - making it easy for you to share the link with others. Think of the WebEx Personal Room as always available, you don't have to book it, and you always know where to find it. Please click on the Support Info tab above and go to the ProTips section to view Webex Personal Rooms information.

    Click the Support tab to view WebEx Pro Tips

    Webex Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR): Meet Your Way

    Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) allows anyone using the NYS Webex (MeetNY) service to enjoy consistent video collaboration experiences from mobile, desktop, or room systems, with services and solutions that can be used at home or in the office. Users can meet any way they want, instantly, or by scheduling a meeting. Or they can invite others to meet in their own, personalized virtual meeting environment. Whether you are meeting one to one, with a team, or with hundreds of people, CMR can scale to your needs.

    Why Webex Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) 

    • Simple: Intuitive controls allow you to create, launch, and join meetings easily
    • Proven: Take advantage of industry-leading video and web conferencing
    • Scalable: Superior scale can enable over 500 participants to join a single meeting
    • Global: Enjoy global reach with consistent quality

    One Meeting, One Experience

    Meet from any location and share video, voice, and content in Webex Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

    Watch Now (2:21 min)

    Join a Meeting from a Video Conferencing System

    Whether you use Cisco Systems, Polycom, or other SIP or H.323 based video conferencing systems, you can easily connect to a WebEx meeting. See this Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) User Guide for more information

    Audio Broadcast Conference Services

    When scheduling large events, in addition to choosing your audio options, you can allow participants to hear a one-way audio broadcast through their computer speakers.

    Audio Broadcast is perfect for:

    • Supporting a large audience of up to 3,000 participants per Webex Event*
    • Ensuring a high-quality listening experience through computer speakers for all participants
    • Web conferences that don't require two-way audio interaction with all participants

    Please click on the Support Info tab above and go to the ProTips section, Webex Events, to learn more about Audio Broadcast Services and important FAQs.

    *1,000 attendees is supported by default. For meetings larger than 1,000, please submit a request to ITS for a review of available options and assistance with scheduling.

    New Features of MeetNY Webex Version 42.2.5

    MeetNY version 42.2.5 includes many new features, while maintaining a simple and powerful user experience that is easier to use.

    Benefits to this latest upgrade include

    •  Webex Webinars (formerly known as Webex Events (New)
    •  Improved lobby notifications
    • Enable Synch my Stage for everyone
    • Cohosts can manage invitations and registrations
    • Customizable email template and setup reminder
    • Help managing Slido
    • New meeting duration clock
    • New virtual backgrounds, both static and animated
    • New location for raise hand icon
    • New reactions

    Complete feature descriptions are included in the version release notes available at: WebEx Meetings Suite Slow Channel Announcements. For training and resources on Slido, visit the section under the new tab titled, "Slido."

    New Features of MeetNY Webex Assistant

    On April 8, 2022, the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) will roll out expanded feature sets for Cisco Webex Assistant, Automated Closed-Captioning, Simultaneous Interpretation, and Real-Time Translations for the MeetNY environment. Find complete descriptions of these enhancements in the links below. 

    Enhancements in this Latest WebEx Upgrade Include:

    Compare Webex Assistant and Automated Closed Captions

    New Webex Assistant and Automated Closed-Captioning features can make your meetings and events searchable, actionable, and more productive while also making them more accessible to participants who may be hearing-impaired or are attending the virtual meeting in a noisy environment.

    Use this information to help decide which feature to use, based on your specific needs.

    How To's

    WebEx Account Set Up

    Log In to Your My WebEx Account

    Access WebEx at https://meetny.webex.com using your work email address and logon password (the same password used on your work computer).

    Set Up Your Personal Pin  

    1. Click Preferences.

    2. Click Audio and Video Menu.

    3. Enter your Work and Mobile Phone Numbers.

    4. Create a 4-digit Audio PIN. Your PIN must be exactly 4 digits. It can't contain sequential digits, such as 1234, or repeat a digit 4 times, such as 1111. 

    Important: Your Personal PIN is used to start audio-only meetings conducted via your phone.

    View directions with images

    Generate Personal Conferencing Numbers

    A WebEx 4-digit PIN is required in order to generate a personal conferencing number.   

    1. Click Generate Account. (You may create up to 3 accounts).This will create your account for phone meetings.

    2. Click Close. The host access code and attendee access codes will be generated. 

    3. Click Save.

    Important: The Host Access Code is used to start your phone meetings. The Attendee Access Code is provided to attendees so they can join your meetings.  

    View directions with images

    Schedule a WebEx Meeting

    How to start a meeting

    Default Quick Scheduler page

    1. Login to your account.

    2. Click Meeting Center on main menu line.

    3. Click Host a Meeting to expand the menu.

    4. Click Schedule a Meeting. By default you will be on the Quick Scheduler page.

    5. Enter meeting details

    6. Click Schedule Meeting

    7. The Meeting Scheduled page will appear confirming your scheduled meeting details.

    8. Click on More Information on Meeting Scheduled page. Page will expand and reveal the meeting information.

    Advanced Scheduler

    Use Advanced Scheduler to set advanced meeting options or to schedule a Personal Conference meeting:

    1. Login to your account.

    2. Click Meeting Center on main menu line.

    3. Click Host a Meeting to expand the menu.

    4. Click Schedule a Meeting. By default this will be the Quick Scheduler page

    5. Click Advanced Scheduler.

    6. Enter meeting details.

    7. Click Next to proceed.

    8. The Advanced scheduler wizard leads you through nine pages to schedule your meeting.

    9. On the Review Page check your meeting details.

    10 Click Schedule Meeting.

    11. The Meeting Scheduled page will appear confirming your scheduled meeting details.

    12. Click on More Information on Meeting Scheduled page. Page will expand and reveal detailed meeting information.

    Schedule a Phone Only Meeting

    1. Login to your account.

    2. Click Meeting Center on main menu line.

    3. Click Host a Meeting to expand the menu.

    4. Click Schedule a Meeting. By default this will be the Quick Scheduler page.

    5. Click Advanced Scheduler.

    6. Click down arrow next to Meeting type.

    7. Select WebEx Personal Conference.

    8. Enter meeting title/topic click next to proceed.

    9. The Advanced scheduler wizard leads you through four pages to schedule your phone only meeting. Click Schedule Meeting.

    10. The Meeting Scheduled page will appear confirming your scheduled meeting details.

    Schedule or Start a Meeting from Microsoft Outlook

    To schedule meetings, invite attendees, and start WebEx meetings from Outlook Calendars, you must download and install WebEx Productivity Tools from https://meetny.webex.com.

    Administrative privileges are required to install WebEx Productivity Tools on a Windows computer. Please contact the ITS Enterprise Service Desk at 1-844-891-1786 if you require a MeetNY host account.

    Schedule a Meeting from Microsoft Outlook

    1. Once productivity tools are installed, click Schedule Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon.

    2. Click Add WebEx Meeting.

    3. Select a Meeting Center option from the Meeting Template field.

    When it's time to start a meeting, open the appointment on your Outlook calendar, then click Meeting. You can also click Schedule Meeting for additional options to find and start your meeting.


    Cancel a WebEx Meeting

    1. Locate your scheduled meeting in Outlook. Click on that meeting in your calendar.

    2. Click Cancel WebEx Meeting from the toolbar at the top of your screen.

    3. Click Meeting from far left of the toolbar at the top of your screen.

    4. Click Send Cancellation to notify meeting participants that this meeting has been cancelled.

    Cancel a Phone Only Meeting

    Login to your account.

    1. Click Meeting Center on main menu line.

    2. Click Host a Meeting to expand the menu.

    3. Click My Meetings.

    4. Identify the phone-only meeting.

    5. Select the meeting by clicking the ballot box next to the meeting(s) to be cancelled.

    6. Select the Cancel Meeting button.

    7. Click OK to confirm that you wish to cancel the meeting.

    8. Click Send to notify attendees of the meeting's cancellation. 

    Start a Scheduled Meeting

    1. Log in to MeetNY.com

    2. Click My WebEx on the top navigation bar.

    3. Select the meeting in the list.

    4. Click Start.

    Delegate Someone to Set Up Meetings on Your Behalf

    Another person can schedule meetings on your behalf. You must give an individual permission on their My WebEx and My Profile page.

    Scheduling a Meeting for Someone Else on WebEx

    1. Click Schedule a Meeting from the left-hand navigation menu.

    2. Display the Advanced Scheduler.

    3. Select the name of the person from the Schedule for drop-down.

    4. Set the meeting options, then click Schedule Meeting.

    Scheduling a Meeting for Someone Else on Outlook

    After you have been delegated to set up meetings on someone's behalf, select File, then Open, and click Other User's Folder.

    1. Click Name and select the host's name from the address book,

    2. Select Calendar from the Folder type: drop-down,

    3. Click OK.

    4. Click a date in the host's calendar

    5. Click Schedule Meeting from the Outlook toolbar.

    6. Schedule the meeting by entering meeting information on the Appointment tab and selecting attendees from the Invite Attendees or Scheduling menus.

    7. Click Add WebEx Meeting.

    8. Enter and confirm a password.

    9. Verify the meeting options and click OK.

    10. Click Send.

    Host A WebEx Meeting

    Share a Presentation During a Meeting

    1. Select Share, then click File from the menu bar, or click Share File on the Quick Start page.

    2. Locate the presentation file you want to share.

    3. Click Open.

    4. Use the page controls at the top of the meeting window to move through slides.

    Share an Application, a File, Your Desktop, or Video During a Meeting

    1. After you start your meeting, click the button at the bottom of the sharing panel on the Quick Start tab.

    2. Select what you want to share with participants, such as a whiteboard or file. 

    3. Once you share something, participants will see what you see. 

    You can also select Share from the meeting menu bar. You can stop sharing your computer screen by deselecting items in the Share menu.

    Control of a PC or Mac During a Meeting

    Participants who have been assigned the Control shared applications, Web browser, or desktop remotely privilege can pass control of their application, desktop, or web browser to anyone in the meeting.

    1. While sharing, move the mouse to the top of the screen and click Assign.

    2. Select Pass Keyboard and Mouse Control, then select the participant to assign control to.

    3. The selected participant gets a message advising them to click to gain control. To return control to the presenter, triple-click.

    Specify an Alternate Host for Your Meeting

    1. On the Advanced Scheduler, click Invite Attendees.

    2. Click Select Attendees.

    3. Choose a contact from the list, then click Alternate Host. Only attendees with host privileges can be alternate hosts.

    Add an Alternate Host to a New Training Session from Outlook

    1. Click Schedule Meeting

    2. Enter the names of invitees

    3. Click Add WebEx Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon.

    4. Select a Meeting Center option from the Meeting template field.

    5. Click the Resources tab, then select a name from the Alternate Host section.

    6. Click OK.

    Add or Edit an Alternate Host for an Existing Session

    1. Open the session on your calendar

    2. Click Change Settings to display the WebEx Settings dialog box.

    3. Click the Resources tab and make any required changes.

    Join a WebEx Meeting

    Join a Meeting from a PC or Mac

    1. Open the invitation email and click the link.

    2. Enter your name, email address, and the meeting password (if required).

    3. Click Join Now.

    Join a WebEx Online Meeting from a Mobile Device

    1. Open the invitation email. Click the meeting link

    2. If prompted, enter your name and email address

    3. If a password is required, enter the password provided in the invitation email you received.

    4. Click Join

    5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen

    Join a WebEx Audio Conference from a Mobile Device

    1. Dial the phone number as provided in your meeting invitation.

    2. The Host enters the Host access code and will be prompted for their 4 digit PIN.

    3. Attendee enters Attendee access code sent to you by the meeting Host in your invitation.

    Recording Your Meeting on Your Hard Drive

    1. Click Meeting on the drop-down menu.

    2. Click Record on This Computer.

    3. This will record your meeting and save it on your computer hard drive. Upload the file under Add a Recording.

    Recording Your Meeting on Server

    1. Click Meeting on the drop-down menu.

    2. Click Record on Server, click Record on Quick Start page.

    3. Click the Pause button to stop what is being recorded.

    4. Click the Stop button to end recording entirely.

    5. To view your video, click My Files under the My WebEx tab and click Playback.

    Play or Download a Webex Recording

    Select Recordings on the left navigation bar.

    On the My Recorded Meetings page, you can see recordings for all the Webex meetings, events, and training sessions that you hosted and recorded.

    My Recorded Meetings

    To play a recording, click the name of the recording.

    If you're using WBS33.9 or later, to show or hide the panels when you're playing a Webex meeting or event recording that's in MP4 format:

    • Select Participants to show or hide the Participants panel.
    • Select Chat to show or hide the Chat panel.
    • Select Polling to show or hide the Polling panel.
    • Select Q & A to show or hide the Q & A panel in a Webex Events recording.

    To speed up or slow down the recording, change the playback speed.

    Download a recording

    To download a recording, select Download.

    Depending on your site settings, you may not be able to download recordings.

    Share a link to a recording

    To share a link to the recording, select Share.

    Edit recording name or description

    To edit the name and description of the recording, or exclude the panels and transcript, select Edit.

    Exclude transcript

    Excluding transcripts is only available for video-centric MP4 recordings.

    Delete a recorded meeting:

    1. Go to your My WebEx account, and click My Recorded Meetings from the menu on the left.

    2. From the list of meetings provided, identify the recorded meeting you wish to delete, and click the three dot (...) icon located to the far right of the file name.

    3. From the list, click Delete from the provided choices. To confirm the deletion, click OK. My Recorded Meetings will refresh and your meeting will have been deleted.

    Common Questions

    What is the maximum number of people I can have in one meeting?

    Up to 1000 participants may be able to join any WebEx center meeting (Meeting, Event, or Training). The participant total includes the host, note taker, and closed captionist. Note: 1,000 attendees is supported by default. For meetings larger than 1,000, please submit a request to ITS for a review of available options and assistance with scheduling

    I scheduled my meeting for 1 hour, will it end automatically when the hour is up?

    No. The meeting will continue until it is ended by you or an alternate host. Participants can leave the meeting at any time, however.  A tone will sound and a participant's name will be added to the list of meeting attendees when a participant enters a meeting.  A similar tone will sound and a Participant's name will disappear from the attendees list when a participant exits a meeting.


    No attendees have joined your meeting

    Verify the invitation contains the correct URL and verify your time zone is correct.  Once verified, contact attendees to rule out other technical issues.

    You attempted to log into your host account, but received a Windows Security Prompt

    If you receive a Windows Security pop-up, it should show your work email address. Follow these steps:

    1. Enter your logon password.  (Same password you use to logon to your work computer.)

    2. If your work email does not appear in the first line, click the Use Another Account button.

    3. Click OK.

    Note: Do not use your network username to connect even if a login box prompts you for it.

    Password Enforcement

    Effective July 10, 2020, password protection will automatically be added for new Webex meetings, events, and training sessions, to protect against unauthorized attendance and strengthen the security of MeetNY and MeetNY Direct Webex meetings. 

    Click to read full details.

    Pro Tips

    Telecommuting Security Guidelines from the NYS CISO

    Working Remotely

    Valuable Tips for WebEx Meeting Hosts

    Navigating the New Modern View

    WebEx Best Practices for Great Online Meetings



    * 1,000 attendees is supported by default. For meetings larger than 1,000, please submit a request to ITS for a review of available options and assistance with scheduling.


    What's New with Cisco WebEx Meetings

    WebEx Wallet Cards

    WebEx Wallet Cards

    WebEx Training Instructions:

    WebEx Capabilities Chart 

    WebEx Capabilities Chart

    Introducing Slido: Meet and interact in one place

    It's never been easier to collect ideas, opinions and feedback from your team. Slido is an online interactive polling and questions platform that enables you to help create a more engaging environment with your audience. From word clouds, multiple-choice, text entry, and more, there are numerous polling options to be used to help ascertain the data that you're looking for. Whether you're teaching a course or just looking for feedback in a training session, this tool will be of great use for you.

    What Slido brings to Webex

    Live Polls to collect real-time feedback and interact with your attendees at scale.
    Audience Q&A to give everyone a voice and run inclusive Q&A sessions.
    Quizzes to test knowledge in an interactive way and make your content stick.


    Why use Slido?

    • Create meaningful engagement

      Interact with your participants at scale, whether you want to check understanding or get quick alignment on decisions.
    • Foster an inclusive culture

      Make everyone on your team feel heard and connected, whether they're shy, vocal, in the room or online.
    • Build stronger connections

      Facilitate team bonding, create transparency, and build trust between leaders and employees.

    How does Slido for Webex work?

    With Slido for Webex, you will be able to interact with your audience in real-time via polls, quizzes, and Q&A without having to switch devices - everything happens in Webex. You may now start creating your polls and quizzes within your Webex meeting - just click the Slido icon in the right-hand side panel under 'Apps'.

    1. Open Slido from Apps

      Start your Webex meeting and launch Slido from the Apps button.

    2. Create your polls or Q&A

      Add and manage polls or Q&A directly from the Slido panel.

      6 types of polls to engage your team

    Whether you want to break the ice, check the understanding or put a decision up for vote, Slido is the tool you need.

    Watch this video to see in more detail how Slido for Webex works


    Slido Works before, during and after your meeting

    You can use Slido outside of your meeting via a link. It's a great way to collect questions ahead of time, get feedback afterward and include everyone who can't join live.

    Slido learning guides

    More Slido training resources

    Introducing Webex Webinars

    Webex Events (new) recently renamed to Webex Webinars is a best-in-class virtual webinar experience that is video-centric, intelligent, and simple to use. Use Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (new)) to engage your audience through powerful, interactive online webinars.

    For info on Webex Events (classic), click here.

    Important note: As of March 2023, customers will no longer be able to schedule any new events with Webex Events (classic). Read more about Webex Webinars.

    We encourage NYS customers to begin using Webex Webinars today. Webex Webinars is a vastly superior and more engaging experience, including:

    • Rich branding options
    • Share high motion video and audio
    • Manage attendee view up to 5,000 attendees
    • Advanced polling and Q&A
    • Breakout rooms

    Compare Webex Webinars and Webex Events (classic)

    Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (new) includes webinars with either an interactive and highly engaging experience, or a webcast view with limited attendee interactions, as well as many of the advanced features you're familiar with from Webex Meetings. Events (classic) remains available on MeetNY. Use this comparison chart to help you decide which webinar or event service to use based on your needs. See what's available now and check back to see what's enhanced in future updates.

    Get started with Webex Webinars

    Webex Webinars comes with the advanced features you're familiar with from Webex Meetings. Whether you're launching a product or holding an all-hands, you can easily deliver a polished and interactive presentation.

    Compare experiences in Webex Webinars

    As a host, you can schedule webinars for different attendee sizes and experiences, from highly engaging to a webcast view with limited attendee interaction. The links below highlight the feature differences between the more interactive experience and webcast view to help you choose what works best for you.

    * Scheduling

    * In webinars

    * Post-webinar features and analytics

    Roles in Webex Webinars

    As a host or cohost, you're able to assign different roles and responsibilities to your webinar participants.