Introducing Webex Webinars

Webex Events (new) recently renamed to Webex Webinars is a best-in-class virtual webinar experience that is video-centric, intelligent, and simple to use. Use Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (new)) to engage your audience through powerful, interactive online webinars.

See more information on Webex Events (classic).

Important note: As of March 2023, customers will no longer be able to schedule any new events with Webex Events (classic). Read more about Webex Webinars.

We encourage NYS customers to begin using Webex Webinars today. Webex Webinars is a vastly superior and more engaging experience, including:

  • Rich branding options
  • Share high motion video and audio
  • Manage attendee view up to 5,000 attendees
  • Advanced polling and Q&A
  • Breakout rooms
Compare Webex Webinars and Webex Events (classic)

Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (new) includes webinars with either an interactive and highly engaging experience, or a webcast view with limited attendee interactions, as well as many of the advanced features you're familiar with from Webex Meetings. Events (classic) remains available on MeetNY. Use this comparison chart to help you decide which webinar or event service to use based on your needs. See what's available now and check back to see what's enhanced in future updates.

Get started with Webex Webinars

Webex Webinars comes with the advanced features you're familiar with from Webex Meetings. Whether you're launching a product or holding an all-hands, you can easily deliver a polished and interactive presentation.

WebEx Meeting Screen
Scheduling A WebEx Meeting
Compare experiences in Webex Webinars

As a host, you can schedule webinars for different attendee sizes and experiences, from highly engaging to a webcast view with limited attendee interaction. The links below highlight the feature differences between the more interactive experience and webcast view to help you choose what works best for you.

Roles in Webex Webinars

As a host or cohost, you're able to assign different roles and responsibilities to your webinar participants.

WebEx Host Roles v.1
WebEx Host Roles v.2
WebEx Host Roles v.3

 Learn more about Webex Webinars.