WebNY Overview

WebNY is responsible for leading the web development efforts of New York State, and currently supports 175 websites. With a focus on creating a more efficient, effective, and modern digital government to better serve New Yorkers, WebNY is working on:

  • Establishing common website development processes, procedures and practices for state agencies.
  • Migrating New York State's agencies onto a standard platform, NYS Enterprise Drupal 8 Distribution and Platform.
  • Building the web development capacity of the public workforce and establishing New York State as a leader in the Drupal community. 

WebNY Services

Web Development and Design Services: WebNY empowers our customers with an easy-to-use Content Management System. This robust and flexible system comes pre-configured with NYS branding and styling standards and can meet the needs of small agency sites, as well as large organizational portals.

Drupal Content Management System with Acquia Cloud Enterprise: A multi-server, fully managed continuous delivery cloud platform that is pre-configured and tuned for Drupal. Ideal for mission-critical websites that require the highest levels of performance, scalability, and resiliency.  

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloud services to support Web Sites: A large, geographically distributed network of specialized servers that accelerate the delivery of web content and rich media to Internet-connected devices.

GitHub Web-based Git repository hosting service: Using Git allows application developers to download the newest version of a file or software and share their program with other developers. This collaborative program is stored in a GitHub, where developers can store and access their files, as well as use features like bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project.

WebNY Community

The WebNY team is active in web development communities and strives to bring developers together to share knowledge, foster teamwork, and develop new ideas that improve the visitors experience to New York Stat websites.  

Upcoming events

Past events

  • NYC Drupal Camp Date
  • Drupal Global Training Date November 2015
  • Drupal Global Training Date August 2015

Contact WebNY at [email protected]