Workplace Equipment

ITS provides New York State employees with equipment based on job function. ITS specialists deploy equipment and provide support services.

Standard Employee Package

Workplace Equipment - Standard equipment includes either a computer with a tower, a laptop computer, or a virtual desktop (VDI).

Need Help with VDI? Click here.

Printing - ITS offers standard printers or multi-functional printer/copier/scanners. All printer options are available in black & white or color.

PrinterLogic - PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers, replacing multiple hardware servers with a single, cloud-based printer management system. PrinterLogic minimizes the need for helping by allowing users to find and add printers themselves, rather than waiting for an administrator.

In addition to the standard offerings, add-ons are available as necessary:

Mobile Devices - Fully capable smart phones and iPad tablets are available.

Additional, Duplicate, or Specialized Equipment - Agencies have the option of additional standard monitors, laptops, or other equipment.